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Michele Drake

Miss May 1979

May 01, 1979
February 07, 1958
La Jolla CA USA
5' 5"
108 lbs
Playmate Michele Drake is a California girl through and through. Practically raised on the beach, the all-natural blonde calls La Jolla, and its waters, home. “The beach is the best place for me to think,” says our Miss May 1979 as she stares at the waves crashing onto the sand. “Believe it or not, I'm a native Californian, born in La Jolla in a hospital by the beach. I'm what you might call your basic California girl, as basic as they come.” Basic is far from the words we’d use to describe our gorgeous Playmate, but Michele insists she was an ordinary girl in high school. “Everybody wore Hawaiian shirts and if the girls didn't have blonde hair, they'd bleach it,” explains Miss Drake. “There was a big surfer scene when I went to high school. I was into body surfing, but my boyfriend was a great surfer. On Saturday mornings, we'd get up at six to get to the beach around seven—surfers always get up early, because the waves are better. The girls would sit around, watching the guys surf.” What exactly were Michele and her girlfriends discussing as they watched the fellas surf? We could only speculate that it had something to do with our Playmate of the Month’s favorite—and naughty—beach pastime. “I enjoy making love on the beach,” says Michele in a very matter of fact tone. “But, only if it’s very warm out. I like to hear the rhythm of the waves breaking against the shore when I make love. Believe it or not, I have no sexual hang-ups whatsoever. Sexual hang-ups are for the birds.” Her high school classmates will have a hard time believing Michele, the timid girl from homeroom who wore bright-red Hawaiian shirts and was inexperienced in the art of lovemaking, is the same woman who is able to express her love for sex so freely. “I guess I was the biggest prude in high school. I’d go up to about third base, but that was it,” states our Miss May 1979. “Finally, I got sick of hearing about sex, so I tried it and, naturally, I’ve loved it ever since.” Michele learned to accept not only her newfound appreciation for the expressing her emotions physically, but she also learned to accept her womanly figure and all the attention that comes along with it. From having men watch her surf to acquiring Playboy fans, our Miss May 1979 used her stardom to her advantage and landed roles in films like Cheech and Chong’s Next Movie and American Gigolo. What she did not anticipate was falling in love with the idea of working behind-the-scenes of Playboy shoots. Our Miss May 1979 currently works for Playboy as a producer and has been instrumental in facilitating photoshoots for the magazine with celebrities like reality star Kim Kardashian who posed in 2007. “My fantasy is to be a female Hugh Hefner,” proudly states the producer. Michele Drake is well on her way to achieving her goal.