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Coed Girls

Melissa Andresen

November 01, 2002
January 01, 1981
Nashville TN USA
Growing up in California, Melissa Andresen never felt connected enough to her German heritage until she moved to the land of Oktoberfest and bratwursts for a few years. Upon returning to the United States, Miss Andresen enrolled into the education and German programs at Vanderbilt University. Living in Nashville was quite a change for the all-natural blonde known as Missy by loved ones. Missy, however, couldn’t be happier with the level of education she’s been receiving from Vanderbilt’s German program, but don’t count on learning the language from her. “I'm a German major because I wanted to learn about my heritage and culture, but I want a job that I'm really passionate about,” says our curly-haired Coed of the Month for August 2002. “It sounds like a death wish, but I'd really like to teach seventh grade math.” Nothing could make focusing on seventh grade math harder than having a Playboy model for a teacher. Those poor students.