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Coed Girls

Shayne Devereux

January 10, 2009
Atlanta GA USA
Attending wild Greek parties on campus has its benefits and its casualties. “I lost my favorite jacket and umbrella at a frat party recently,” admits Georgia Tech coed, Shayne Devereux. “But, the night was totally worth it.” The all-natural brunette from Atlanta decided to try and locate her belongings the following morning, but had no such luck. “None of the guys in the house knew where they were. Oh well!” says Miss Devereux. Frat boys spend their days trying to get coeds out of their clothing, so we’re under the assumption the fellas didn’t want to give back anything that busty Shayne could use to cover up. When the gorgeous environment engineering major isn’t studying, she’s focusing on making the world a cleaner and sexier planet. “I don’t really know if recycling is sexy,” says our Coed of the Week for November 12, 2009. “But, trying to make the world a better place definitely is!” We’ll do whatever Shayne tells us to.