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Coed Girls

Erin Cornish

January 09, 2009
September 02, 1988
Plattsburgh NY United States
5' 4"
110 lbs
Coming to Playboy from Plattsburgh is sexy Erin Cornish. “People think I’m Canadian because I say ‘ey’ a lot in my sentences,” laughs the busty blonde. “It’s a slang I use quite often.” When Erin isn’t picking up French words from her friendly neighbors to the North, she studies business management fulltime at SUNY Plattsburgh. “I get to boss people around,” giggles blue-eyed Erin. The petite video game aficionado has dreams of managing her own business, but until the day comes where she cuts the red ribbon to her own place, she wants to focus on her hobbies. “I’m big on traveling just because I like seeing different environments and cultures,” says our Coed of the Week for October 29, 2009. “I definitely want to go to Europe and Asia.” Miss Cornish has her passport and luggage ready—what she is missing is a travel companion. “I’m attracted to the shy innocent guys because you could mold them into who you want,” smiles Erin.