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Coed Girls

Nina Reyes

January 02, 2009
Champaign IL USA
Coming to Playboy from the University of Illinois is Nina Reyes. “As an astrology freak—I’m a Leo—I believe people are destined to be together by their astrological matches,” explains the all-natural media studies major. Leos are known to be natural-born leaders and passionate lovers—Nina fits the bill. To be with this feisty, but loyal blonde, a man needs to make sure he looks presentable and is a good conversationalist. “I’m extremely aware of fashion so a guy must have good shoes!” says our Coed of the Week for March 26, 2009. “I also look for a guy who can make me laugh but he has to be intelligent. It’s a total turn off if he’s not into his education and career.” Guys, get your lives in order before approach this bold Leo.