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Coed Girls

Jessica Lorin

October 10, 2010
February 26, 1981
Boulder Colorado USA
5' 9"
135 lbs
Call her an athlete, a snow bunny or our Coed of the Month for January 2007, Jessica Lorin is simply a lively coed with a ton of energy to burn. “I love going for long runs in the mountains. It's really meditative and I see the most gorgeous, sweaty men on the trails!” says the spirited redhead who attends the University of Colorado. “I’m the cutest snow bunny around. I snowshoe, I ski and I snowboard.” It should come as no surprise that Jessica wants a man who can keep up with her on the track, the slopes and in bed. “I like a man with muscle who can keep up with me when I'm running. But, brains are a requisite—meatheads need not apply!” says the molecular biology major. Speaking of brains, voluptuous Jessica’s intelligence is renowned around campus for innovating wrestling parties. “Mud wrestling is so dirty and Jell-O wrestling stains your clothes, but lube wrestling is good clean fun in an inflatable kiddie pool,” says the tall model. “And when the clothes start flying, its heaven.” Playboy fans would definitely love an invitation to the next wrestling party.