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Tricia Lange

Miss June 1984

June 01, 1984
April 24, 1957
Hollywood CA USA
5' 7"
110 lbs
Trying to make it in a tough city like Hollywood is a struggle that Tricia Lange knows all too well. After spending day in and day out attending English literature classes at UCLA, the all-natural blonde had an epiphany—she should leave school and become an actress and a model. “I spent my last pennies on getting good pictures for my portfolio, because I knew that if I had enough to pay my rent, everything after that was going into my career,” explains Tricia. “I especially want to do comedies. It's really harder, I think, to do comedy and slapstick than it is to do serious drama. You have to be smart to do it, because it's all in the timing.” Tricia’s timing couldn’t have been better—after months of struggling, she began to receive call after call from casting agents and one in particular left her in a state of shock. “I feel that I’m bringing a lot to being a Playmate. I’ve accomplished a lot already and I don’t see how the added exposure could do anything, but help my career,” says our Miss June 1984 with her blue eyes gleaming. “People who are not in this business can’t understand how tough it is and why it takes so long to be successful in it. But, my time is coming. Every job I get is bigger. They say that each year, fifty percent of your competitors just bow out of the picture.” Now that she’s landed the biggest job she could imagine, our busty Playmate is ready to take on the acting industry. Having acted in movies like National Lampoon’s European Vacation and in the television shows like St. Elsewhere, Miss Lange is on a winning streak she hopes never ends. “You know what I feel like? I feel like a race car right now that's revving up its engine and just waiting for the flag to drop. My rpms are way up,” says Tricia Lange.