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Rikki and Vikki

July 18, 2005
February 18, 1981
San Diego CA USA
5' 3"
110 lbs
Meet the Ikki twins –Vikki and Rikki from San Diego, California. The petite, blonde-haired sisters started modeling at the age of 18 when they became Hooters spokeswomen. Rikki and Vikki quickly fell in love with the camera and turned to Playboy to continue their love affair. The busty twins are our Cybergirls of the Week for July 18, 2005 and they are adoring the attention that comes with the title –which includes network attention. Rikki and Vikki were approached by MTV to take over where Cybergirl of the Month Tila Tequila left off with her bisexual dating show, A Shot of Love. The conveniently named A Double Shot at Love focused on the identical twins bisexuality as 12 women and 12 men competed for their affection. What type of dates were the Ikki twins looking for? “A night-time date where I could be in a bikini and there’ll be candles, a blanket on the sand and a big bowl of chocolate –yum!” says Vikki. Rikki would like someone to just spoil her. The Ikki twins are definitely double trouble.