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Coed Girls

Brigitte Desiree

September 14, 2012
March 04, 1988
Pheonix AZ United States
5' 7"
Coed Brigitte Desiree is sweeter than a cup of brown sugar. She’s from Scottsdale, Arizona, a suburb of Phoenix, and her rich heritage – Spanish, French, Mexican and African-American – is evident in her novel features. Brown hair, hazel eyes and an ample bust make Brigitte the girl of any guy’s dreams. “I come off as shy and sweet when you meet me,” says Brigitte,”but I’m unfiltered – loud and blunt. I’m a tomboy and I love to get my hands dirty.” Where does she get such a strong sense of self? “I’m the middle child of three girls, and grew up in a family of strong-minded, strong-willed women. I had a strict upbringing – had to do my chores, keep my grades up and mind my manners – and I’m old enough now to look back and realize that it was in my best interest. I had to work hard for everything I wanted, and that has made me who I am now.” Like she said, Brigitte’s a tomboy, and she loves to watch sports, play Xbox or hit up the strip clubs with her guy friends. She has girlfriends, too, but needs more excitement than a manicure can provide. “We’re very crazy,” she says. “When we get together, there is no telling how the day or night will end. We love to laugh and we love to dance.” She’s been a model – lingerie, swimsuit, fitness and promotional – for about three years. “When I was about nine years old, I was looking at my cousin’s magazines, and I found his stash of Playboys,” she says, a little sentimentally. “The first Playmate I saw was Victoria Silvstedt, and I was amazed at her beauty. Ever since that day, I was determined to be in Playboy. It’s a high achievement in modeling. I love to dress up and pose for the camera.” Brigitte is single, and she loves the fun and freedom that comes with it. “I have the ability – and the right, in a sense – to be selfish. I can focus on myself instead of focusing on another person.” Sure, but when it comes to another person? “I don’t have a specific type. I like a guy who’s comfortable, confident and has a great sense of humor. Sex is for someone I trust and care for.” Trust us, Brigitte – we care for you very, very much.