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Wendy Hamilton

Miss December 1991

December 01, 1991
December 20, 1967
Detroit MI USA
5' 10"
120 lbs
Wendy Hamilton lives her life in the fast lane. Born and raised on the Gulf Coast of Florida, dark-haired Wendy was born to a racecar driver and a fashion model, whose shoes Wendy was eager to fill. Though she had what she now calls an awkward phase, Wendy grew into her 5’10” frame and became quite a beautiful woman. “My mother was a knockout,” she says. ”Puberty was awful for me. I was taller than all the boys, and I had these embarrassing breasts.” With her mother’s encouragement – and her father’s Playboy calendars on the garage wall, natch – Wendy became a model at the age of twelve, and at eighteen she moved to Detroit to further her career. Suddenly, those breasts didn’t seem so embarrassing. “I want to be successful and prosperous,” said Wendy in her original Data Sheet, and roles in The Dallas Connection and on NewsRadio seemed to ensure her success. Two serious car accidents, a week apart and at the same Motor City intersection, threatened to end Miss Hamilton’s career – but with her father’s determination, she bounced back faster than you could count her 180 stitches, making a full recovery as our Miss December 1991. “The second time, I was wearing my seat belt,” says Wendy. “It kept me in the car!” With a move to Los Angeles, she had her sights set on first place, and she never let her competition see her sweat. “When I’m at an audition, I mentally block them out,” she says of other models. “It’s like I don’t even see them. I’m there for me.” When not in front of the camera, Wendy is a lingerie designer, making all manner of underthings for women. As a single girl in Los Angeles, she’s encountered her fair share of big heads, but she’s holding out for a man with a big heart. “Mr. Right will come along when he comes along,” says Wendy. “He’ll be funny, kind and a little dangerous – a bad-but-good boy.” As for physical attributes, Miss Hamilton’s got those in mind, too. “Mr. Right has long hair, full lips, a nice butt and strong hands to hold me,” she says. “The best thing about sex is feeling the attention of a lover, physically and mentally.” Gentlemen, start your engines.