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Sally Duberson

Miss January 1965

January 31, 1965
October 23, 1942
New York NY USA
5' 5"
110 lbs
Sally Duberson was a hard working Bunny at the Playboy Club in Baltimore when she first caught our eye. Wearing her satin cottontail uniform, the all-natural brunette with big, brown eyes was excited when she was invited to test for Playmate, but she was completely overcome with joy when she was told her shoot would take place in Chicago. “Of course I was excited about being a Playmate, but I was almost as pleased with the chance to visit Chicago for the first time. I don’t need a sight-seer’s guide to find my way around a new city. I dig artsy people, so I head straight for the local bohemian scene to see if it’s my kind of town. Old Town and I hit it right off,” exclaims the busty beauty. “I have this uncontrollable urge to see new places and meet new people, which is the real reason I'm taking my good sweet time getting to New York. All my life I've been on the move: I was born in Manhattan, moved to San Diego, went to high school in Cleveland, college in Miami, and right now Baltimore's my home. Psychologists say this kind of rootless existence is bad for young people. Maybe so, but I love it.” With a passion for adventure and her Miss January 1965 paycheck in hand, Sally is ready to start a new chapter. “I want to be a top-rate fashion designer, and to be happy with a man who will be happy with me,” she says. “My main objective is to study fashion designing at the Tobe-Coburn School in New York. The designing bug first bit me while I was still majoring in English at the University of Miami. After ten weeks of an elective course in fashion art, I knew I'd found my forte. So I decided to start working evenings as a Bunny at the Miami Playboy Club and try to kill the two proverbial birds with one stone: finish up my semester at Miami and start earning money for my eventual migration to Manhattan.” With a plan put in place and the drive to make it happen, our dark-haired Playmate of the Month knows there is nothing she can’t do once she puts her mind to something. “My family tree includes President James Monroe. My family and I usually to him as the family’s only other college dropout,” giggles our Miss January 1965. “I admire people like Winston Churchill and Jacqueline Kennedy. They are wise, intelligent, dignified individuals.” The apple didn’t fall far from the family tree.