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Angela Dorian

PMOY 1968, Miss September 1967

September 01, 1967
September 26, 1944
San Francisco California USA
5' 5"
109 lbs
Starring in television shows like Bonanza, Perry Mason and The Man from U.N.C.L.E., before earning her title as our Miss September 1967, Angela Dorian had established herself as a Hollywood starlet. Turning down a role in the movie Lolita and the offer to dub for Natalie Wood as Maria in West Side Story, the voluptuous brunette from San Francisco refused to accept any work that doesn’t meet her standards. “I auditioned for the part of Maria myself, but they didn't think I was box office—and I didn't want to get hung up in a stand-by role,” says our all-natural Playmate of the Month who will only make her movie debut when the right script comes along. “In TV, you have to get things perfect in a hurry; but when you're making a film, you have more time—and you get more attention. Acting for TV is great preparation for the movies.” With her focus set on acting, Angela hadn’t quite anticipate her modeling career taking off so quickly, especially after winning Playmate of the Year. “Quite a few of the fan letters I received were from guys stationed in Vietnam,” recalls our Miss 1968. “I only wish I could visit them all and thank each other personally. I may be too much of a pacifist to accept the reasons why they’re fighting, but I’m too much of a woman not to want to help boost their morale.” From becoming our Playmate of the Year to earning a role in Roman Polanski’s suspense thriller Rosemary’s Baby, starring Mia Farrow and John Cassavetes, Angela has surpassed every expectation her parents had for her when they immigrated to the United States from Italy. “My father, who was born in Sicily, owns a restaurant and my mother, who grew up in Rome, is a singer. My father is still old world in many ways!” she laughs. “Important as my career is to me, I'm a woman first. I like to think of myself as being open to the world, brimming with love and music. Some aspiring actresses think only of their careers, and they're just setting themselves up for eventual disappointments. I want to be available whenever a good script comes along.” Her determination to make it as a successful actress knows no bounds—Angela has even considered moving and acting in European motion pictures. “I'm fluent in Italian, so the language wouldn't be any problem. I also feel that European movies are generally better than Hollywood's offerings,” explains our Miss 1968. As appealing as the idea is to move to Europe and become a rising star overseas, Angela says she could never live anywhere outside of California. “In San Francisco, people you pass on the street smile and say hello. Here, they look away, as though they were afraid you were going to ask them to do you a favor,” says the Italian-American of her stormy relationship with the West Coast. “I wouldn’t even move to Rome, which is the one city that I have to see. Maybe I can take some time off and vacation in Italy. Of course, it would be much better to make it a business trip by appearing in an Italian film.” Whether it’s for business or for pleasure, Italy, please don’t permanently keep Angela Dorian.