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Carol O'Neal

Miss July 1972

July 01, 1972
August 18, 1948
New York New York USA
5' 6"
117 lbs
Carol O’Neal is an amateur model looking to make her mark, but many would be surprised to hear she isn’t new to Playboy. Our Miss July 1972 first came to Playboy’s Headquarters in Chicago in 1970, but it wasn’t to test for Playmate—she was applying for a receptionist position. “There are several routes I could take to work. Past the mansions or down the lake front, but somehow I always pass this bakery, where they make the greatest marzipan tortes,” says Carol who was excited to tell us who she really is. “I grew up in Portage, Indiana but later moved to Chicago and Long Island. I worked as an airline stewardess before becoming a receptionist at Playboy.” She walked into her interview a little shy, but very confident in her abilities. The job was hers, but she already knew that—her horoscope told her so. “My horoscope said ‘You have a vigorous personality and will do well in the many enterprises you'll undertake,’” she recalls. “Recently, I've moved into the first house of a new career.” Her horoscope seems to be right on the money because as Playboy expands so does our job pool. The lovely brunette from Portage, IN is now Playboy’s receptionist and works for our personnel department where she screens job applications searching for the perfect candidate to fill the position. “I ask each caller what sort of job he wants, review his employment form and let him know what positions are open. Sometimes, on the basis of our conversation, I'm able to suggest alternate posts he might qualify for,” explains Carol who adds she tries her best to make possible new employees feel comfortable before a nerve-wrecking job interview. “That's important because a person can best communicate what he has to offer if he's not uptight.” From manning the front desk to reading the new personnel files, Carol was excited to move up the corporate ladder especially when she was told she would be assisting with assignments for Playboy models. “I really enjoy personnel work and I'm learning more about it every day,” says the sexy brunette who’s glad she left her flight attendant job to work for Playboy. “Hostessing was fun, but the opportunities for advancement were so rare that I decided to look for a more promising career.” With Playboy becoming a largescale brand and expanding into the world of hotels and clubs, it’s only natural that we would promote from within the company—and sometimes that means promoting a receptionist to our Playmate of the Month. “My weak spot is I’m impulsiveness. It's not always the best solution, but this was written in the stars,” says our sexy Miss July 1972. “I love being a Playmate because agree with the philosophy and concept behind Playboy.” We hope Carol O’Neal’s horoscope tells her to pose for many more lovely, Playboy photos.