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Dru Hart

Miss September 1968

September 29, 1968
November 25, 1948
San Fernando CA USA
5' 4"
122 lbs
When we first met our Miss September 1968, she had just finished a bustling workday which included running in heels from the courthouse to the law office where she works as a legal assistant. Dru Hart, a petite brunette who grew up in the San Fernando Valley, now lives in Los Angeles where Monday to Friday, she works tirelessly. “Dru, its short for Drucilla, which makes it obvious why I like to be called Dru,” laughs the all-natural beauty. “The greatest part about my job is that every case is different, so the work never gets routine. Law is still pretty much of a mystery to me, but it’s a gas.” Along with her various responsibilities like preparing files and running to the courthouse to deliver a file, Dru admits even though she loves her job, this won’t be her career. “If fashion photographers weren't quite so obsessed with tall, emaciated girls, I'd like to try my luck at modeling,” explains our busty Playmate of the Month with the long brown hair. “And I'm turning on to acting, too. For some time, I've thought about joining a little theater group; I wish now that I'd taken some dramatic training in school -- it would help. But I'll have to see how things turn out when I move to L.A. I’m not sure yet I’d like to do.” What she is certain about is her love of baseball, a pastime which dominates most of her weekends. “I get really involved with what’s happening; it’s a kind of therapy,” says our Miss September 1986. “When the Dodgers win, I go away feeling like I’ve won something, too—and when they lose, well, I try not to think about it.” With Dodger Stadium as her home away from home, diehard baseball fan Dru is has an emotional connection to her home team—when they win, she feels content and blissful. “Without making a big thing out of it, I guess I do try to groove to the fun side of life as much as possible. But, at least for me, it doesn't take a chemical or even surroundings like the Sunset Strip to flip me out. Unless the Dodgers have a big home series—I've been mad about them ever since they came to town when I was nine—I spend most of my warm-weather weekends on camping trips with friends,” she explains. “We usually split for a place I discovered with my family—a long, beautifully clear lake called the Cachuma Reservoir about a hundred miles up the coast. We sleep overnight on the banks and then hike up into the hills. You're so completely detached from the city, it's easy to imagine how isolated the first settlers must have felt.” Promising Playboy fans she will try her best to make it as a fulltime model, for the moment, Dru will carve out some time to do what she really loves. “I wish I had more time to do what I enjoy like camping and outdoor sports,” says our Playmate. What fans wouldn’t give to help Dru Hart pitch her tent.