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Coed Girls

Becky Wunder

March 01, 2010
October 09, 1984
New York NY USA
5' 3"
105 lbs
Becky Wunder is known around Bucks County Community College for her petite voluptuous body, especially for one body part in particular. “Well, a few of my roommates call me Wunder Butt,” laughs our Coed of the Week for December 21, 2006 who’s roommates have gotten up close and personal with her wunderful derrière on several occasions. “Sometimes I traipse from my room to the bathroom without clothes on. They’ve seen enough of me.” We doubt they feel that way and Playboy fans want to see more—much more of Becky’s Wunder Butt which she works so hard to keep in bountiful shape. “I do all types of traditional and quirky workouts. I love dancing, because it's a great way to express myself and feel sexy. I go to the gym, take pole-dancing classes and hula with a weighted hoop,” says the blonde communications major. “It’s amazing for my curves—and the Wunder Butt.”