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Vanity Cruz

September 10, 2012
May 12, 1990
San Antonio TX United States
5' 2"
100 lbs
Meet new Amateur Vanity Cruz. She’s sweet, with soft brown hair and even softer brown eyes – and spicy, with a lean body and a broad mind. “I’m from San Antonio, Texas,” says Vanity. “The majority of the population is Hispanic, and I grew up in the Mexican tradition. I’m passionate, daring, and I’ll try anything once.” Good thing there are so many things to do in San Antionio. “There’s a great party scene, with tons of bars, clubs and events,” she explains. “But there’s also the Texas plain, where the only limit is your imagination.” This is Vanity’s first pictorial for Playboy, but she’s no stranger to nude modeling – she works as a dancer in a San Antonio cabaret, and you can catch her in the act on Playboy Live. When she’s not dancing, she likes to spend time with her friends, talking and laughing over Mexican food. “I have a lot of girlfriends, and we go shopping and give each other makeovers,” she says. “But they don’t like to get their hands dirty, so when I want to go hiking or play tag football, I call my guy friends.” “ “Playboy is the top of the pyramid,” says Vanity. “Women can show off their bodies and be applauded for doing so.” And no one is clapping louder than her boyfriend. “He’s my best friend,” she says. “I can talk to him about anything, and I know that he’ll always be there for me. I can be someone in front of him that I can’t be in front of anyone else.” He must be a great guy, because Vanity has very high standards. “A guy should be athletic, hygienic, productive, educated, well-mannered, sweet, caring, and loving,” she says. “And he should be open-minded, confident, and have a great sense of humor.”