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Paulette Myers

Cybergirl of the Month May 2001

January 22, 2001
June 08, 1970
Scottsdale Arizona USA
5' 8"
120 lbs
At five feet, eight inches, Paulette Myers is a tall, much needed glass of water from the desert city of Scottsdale, Arizona. Miss Myers is not only a busty beauty; she is also a confident and self-promoting woman. When blonde-haired Paulette won Cybergirl of the Week in January, she told fans if they voted for her to be CGOM they wouldn’t be disappointed. Fans couldn’t be happier with her Cybergirl of the Month for May 2001 win. “I work hard on my figure so posing for Playboy was a dream come true,” says blue-eyed Miss Myers. Not only is she a bold model who is full of ambition, but Paulette sees herself as a homebody who is just one of the boys. “I’m one of those girls who likes to do a lot of guy stuff, like watching sports, drinking beer, playing poker and more,” says Paulette. “But when the clothes come off and the camera is on it’s definitely a ‘girl thing’.” Anytime you’d like to grab a beer and then have some girly time, give us a call, Paulette.