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Ginger Harrison

January 01, 2000
May 01, 1973
New York NY USA
5' 6"
130 lbs
The LAPD’s most beautiful patrolwoman takes us downtown. Los Angeles police officer Ginger Harrison has a predisposition for taking a bite out of crime. Her father and grandfather are retired FBI agents, and her uncle is a policeman. “I guess that’s how I kept on the straight and narrow,” she says. This 28-year-old Michigan native, a self-proclaimed tomboy, moved to California when she was 19 and intended to follow in her father’s footsteps by joining the FBI. A hiring freeze brought her to the LAPD, and the six-year veteran now patrols the Foothill Division of the San Fernando Valley. “There have been times when I’ve rolled up to a shooting in progress,” she explains. “I’ve been in situations with people fighting all around me, and all of a sudden shots are being fired. You don’t know where they’re coming from, so all you can do is duck and wait until they stop so you can get your bearings. I’ve chased guys over walls, tackled them and taken them into custody, but I’ve been lucky not to have had to shoot anybody yet.”