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Chloe Miranda

February 16, 2012
June 11, 1991
Irvine CA United States
5' 8"
Former Amateur and current Cybergirl Chloe Miranda is on the rise. She’s tall – a long-legged 5’8” – but that’s not all. She’s a thin, athletic blonde with a big pair of brown eyes. You may have seen her on PlayboyTV’s The Wild Life: Miami. Originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, Chloe’s made the move to Orange County, California, where she spends her days working out, shopping with the girls, laying out on the beach, and – most surprisingly – gaming. “I’m a huge video game enthusiast!” she raves. “I can kick a guy’s butt in Mortal Kombat.” But she’s no slouch on the couch – she’s a regular Sonya Blade, minus a contract with the Special Forces. “I was a cheerleader for five years in high school, and I danced for seventeen,” she explains. “I also ran track on a full scholarship in college and was nationally ranked in the heptathlon and triple jump.” Single or in a relationship, Chloe likes guys with ambition, intelligence, but she thinks that the most important thing for a guy (or a girl) to have is self-confidence. “I don’t think any woman should ever be ‘looking’ for a serious relationship, because first you need to be happy with yourself,” she says. “The first thing I notice about a guy is his confidence – if it’s real, or if he’s putting on a show.” Behind every great girl is a great support system, and Chloe’s no different. “I’m from a very close, loving, happy family,” says Chloe. “My relationship with my parents is what I credit when asked how I got to where I am today. My whole family is supportive of anything I do.” Sound zen? That’s because she is. “I was raised Buddhist,” says Chloe. “That’s why I’m so calm.” Peace from within and a piece of mind without – that’s Chloe Miranda. For more Chloe Miranda, head over to Comic-Con or read her Facetime interview.