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Nicki Thomas

Miss March 1977

March 01, 1977
March 22, 1954
Berwyn IL USA
5' 5"
112 lbs
When Playmate Nicki Thomas isn’t working out at her local gym or playing music, she’s brushing up on her drawing skills. “I had never drawn before, but I could see what I was doing that was accurate and what I was doing that wasn't,” explains the all-natural brunette. “I kept at it until I got it right, and now I'm hooked.” Nicki first got the idea to put her drawing talents to the test after a police officer friend of hers spoke to her about eyewitness testimonies and the difficulty they present in cases because of their inaccuracies. “He's always kidding me about how much I notice about people. Somewhere along the line, it occurred to me, do I know enough about my friends to be able to go down to a precinct station and describe one of them to a police artist well enough for him to be arrested?” recalls the busty Illinois native. When Nicki isn’t questioning the motives of her friends, she’s constantly focusing on her motivation to stay in excellent physical shape. Calling ‘fat people’ one of her major turn offs, our all-natural Miss March 1977 works out multiple times a week to ensure her body is at its best. “I just have this thing about fat people. Your body is a gift and it's criminal to let it go to waste, to treat it with indifference,” explains our health-conscious Playmate of the Month. “Every pound of extra weight is a buffer between you and the world. It cuts down your feeling and makes you harder to find. Like driving a car that's out of tune, living in a body that's out of shape wastes energy.” Nicki’s opinion on fitness isn’t limited to the body’s ability in the gym. She questions how someone who is very out of shape could perform in the bedroom properly. “Fitness is important to sex. If lovers aren’t in good shape, they tend to settle for what’s comfortable, instead of what’s possible. They get lazy. They lose their sense of adventure. They get trapped in a rut,” says our Miss March 1977. “Sex is more an emotion than a physical event. You start off feeling good and you end up feeling better. I like to put my body into impossible positions, to stretch and flex my muscles. Each position is like a letter of the alphabet. When my boyfriend and I make love, we write words with our bodies. We make sculptures.” Making sculptures in the bedroom to making goals in the real world, Nicki knows what she wants and will not rest until she has it. “My goals are fairly simple: a good man, a good life, and no hassles. I want to keep growing, to keep meeting challenges,” explains the gorgeous brunette. “One man’s ceiling is another man’s floor, right? If you keep the right attitude, you can do anything.” Wise words to live by from the insatiable Nicki Thomas.