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Monica Tidwell

Miss November 1973

November 01, 1973
January 14, 1954
Shreveport LA USA
5' 2"
108 lbs
Monica Tidwell, a sweetheart from Louisiana, is a collector looking for love. The avid reader enjoys collecting old books and engaging in intelligent conversations about literature on her dates. “I guess I'm hooked on the heavy stuff like Dostoievsky, D.H. Lawrence and Thomas Wolfe,” says the ravishing redhead with cute freckles covering her porcelain skin. “I think we share many of the same emotions and ideas. One of my great ambitions in life is to write a novel as good as Look Homeward, Angel. My second great ambition is to make a movie with Ken Russell and Oliver Reed. I don't think I'm your average nineteen-year-old.” That is an understatement—Monica not only possesses the wisdom of a woman beyond her years, but her work ethic is no match for other teenagers. “Currently, I sell ice cream on a bicycle! I get these weird jobs,” giggles the petite beauty who also sells balloons and drives a pedicab around her new hometown, Chicago. “I have a great passion for people. You meet all kinds driving a pedicab or selling balloons—people who like to stop and chat. You'd be surprised at all the people I've met.” Her collection of jobs may sound like a peculiar assortment, but now that she’s added being our all-natural Miss November 1973 to the mix, Monica knows everyone is going to want to know her story. The sweet, Southern redhead left Shreveport, LA for Chicago for modeling and to get away from the delicious, fat-filled cuisine. “The South is just too rich for me. I don't mean wealthy rich: more like chocolate-cake rich—especially Georgia, where I grew up,” admits Monica who insists she isn’t going to be in the Windy City for long. “Variety has always been the spice of my life. I’m so glad I had a mother who taught me how to appreciate life.” Hoping to attend State University of New York at Stony Brook where she’ll major in English is a goal our Miss November 1973 isn’t ready to strive for just yet. She has a lot more living to do before she buckles down and hits the textbooks, but she does admits she cannot wait for life after she’s completed her degree. “I'd love to have a farm in Maine where I could write a great novel,” states Monica who has actually never visited the state of Maine. “A good writer really has to get to know people inside out. I hate small talk. When I meet somebody, I really like to get inside his head and understand what makes him tick.” Until she makes her move to farmlands of Maine, Monica Tidwell will continue to live her random life the only way she knows how—with a fist full of balloons, ice-cream waiting to be consumed and Playboy fans offering their well wishes.