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Priscilla Caripan

September 19, 2011
July 11, 1989
Toronto ON Canada
5' 4"
105 lbs
Cybergirl of the Week for September 26, 2011 is a cultural mix of sweet and spicy with her Canadian-Chilean roots. Priscilla Caripan is a blonde-haired, brown-eyed stunner who doesn’t take herself too seriously. “Me and my date went bowling and we were having a great time having a few drinks when all of a sudden my ball got stuck in the alley. What did I think to do?” asks Miss Caripan. “Go on the slippery side of the bowling alley and fall right on my ass, of course. I turn around and all I see is my date laughing at me and I couldn’t help but laugh as well.” Priscilla may be a D-cup beauty with a bubbly personality, but do not let the blonde hair fool you –she has her career path mapped out. “I’m driven when it comes to setting goals, and I would like to become an entertainment anchor or TV producer,” says Priscilla. “I have a backup plan, too – yoga instructor.” We’d love to have you help us with our downward dog position, Priscilla. In her Facetimeinterview, Priscilla talks worst dates, bad habits and her type of man.