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Lynnda Kimball

Miss January 1975

January 01, 1975
May 01, 1952
Inglewood CA USA
5' 7"
120 lbs
From planting vegetables to rereading the Lord of the Rings trilogy, to sampling wine, our Miss January 1975 is a busy California girl who has her own geographical outline of the state she loves. “I was one of those people who think California begins when you cross the Golden Gate Bridge driving north,” says Lynnda Kimball from Inglewood, CA who currently lives in Bolinas near San Francisco. “There's no toll and the first thing you see is the rainbow on the arch of the tunnel leading into Marin County.” Lynnda is the quintessential California girl through-and-through. She’s a tall blonde, with a naturally, busty body who loves being by the water. She cannot even begin to envision a life for herself where a body of water was not located near her house. Surprisingly though our tall Playmate of the Month wasn’t discovered by the beach as one would have imagined, nor had she submitted her photos to Playboy. Laura was right under our noses for years before someone realized the girl behind-the-scenes of Playmate photoshoots should actually be the focus of the shoot. Playboy’s West Coast studio’s part-time photo stylist spent her work days browsing antique-clothing stores and art-deco shops looking for clothing and props for upcoming Playboy photoshoots. When Laura was first asked to be our Miss January 1975, she was apprehensive. Shockingly, the Los Angeles City College acting student who works on sets of many photoshoots had never considered working as a model. “We do scenes in class where you have to convey the ‘experience’ of sunshine or a cup of coffee or a visit to the dentist. You have to move your body in a certain way to convince the audience that your feeling is genuine,” explains Laura. “When you model, you don’t have to be believable, only beautiful.” Her beauty transcended perfectly onto the glossy pages of Playboy magazine, but will we see her on the small or big screen any time soon like most of her fellow Playmates? “I wouldn't mind pursuing a career in acting, but right now it's more important to further my education,” says our Miss January 1975 who admits she’s in acting classes for pure enjoyment. “An acting class just seemed to be the right thing to take in Los Angeles. Like a Berlitz course in a foreign language—it helps me understand and communicate with the natives. And besides, it's a lot of fun. Your mind and body have to be quite agile onstage. We do exercises that help shed inhibitions and free the instrument for self-expression. I am more aware of my body now than I've ever been before.” And so are the grateful Playboy fans of Lynnda Kimball.