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Mesina Miller

Miss September 1975

September 01, 1975
July 07, 1953
Scottsdale AZ USA
5' 4"
110 lbs
Playmate Mesina Miller has a heart of gold and cannot say no to any animal in need. With an array of cats and dogs ruling the roost, Mesina found herself at a swap meet in California when she spotted a future member of family in the back of beat up Dodge van. Amongst all the homemade goods was a shoe box with a feathery friend inside in need of a good home. “I just had to rescue the poor thing,” says the voluptuous brunette of her new parakeet. “Fortunately, it was young and has responded to care. It has learned to talk, and if you're nice, it will let you kiss its little beak.” Mesina’s charming bird isn’t the only one who is currently mastering the art of flying. The voluptuous brunette from Scottsdale has been taking flying lessons at her stepfather’s flying school where she also balances his books. The model, real estate agent, animal rescuer and flying student has decided her resume wasn’t long enough. Our Miss September 1975 is an adrenaline junkie and while flying is all well and good, she still wanted to feel a sense of danger in the skies. “You can’t let yourself be afraid. If you let yourself be afraid for a minute, you’ll be afraid for the whole day. This is the most challenging way to fly,” says Mesina of aerobatics. “The best thing about it, though, is that you get to fly the old planes. The new models can't take the strain of loops and rolls. I wish they still allowed barnstorming.” Our Miss September 1975 isn’t like most women—clearly. She loves to be busy and is confident she’ll be successful in every venture she chooses to follow –including in her love life. “Some women don’t know how to accept compliments, so they pretend their bodies don’t exist. I happen to enjoy the way I look. So does my lover. Why deny it?” asks our gorgeous Playmate of the Month. “I want a man to be a lion, so that I can be a lioness.” What exactly is the busty brunette hunting for? “My ideal man is an insurance broker, about 26, sexy, with a great sense of humor,” explains Mesina. “And he should know I say what’s on my mind.” When Mesina Miller is on the move, her prey should just submit and accept his sweet fate.