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Terre Tucker

Miss November 1963

November 30, 1963
October 09, 1944
Phoenix AZ USA
5' 6"
120 lbs
When we met Terre Tucker, she was in between jobs and had no real plan as to where her next paycheck was going to come from, but that was just alright for this free-spirit. Working as a salesgirl in her hometown of Phoenix, AZ before zipping around the blue skies as a flight attendant with Transcontinental, the all-natural brunette has plenty of skills to fall back on, but she wanted something different. “I've been an airline stewardess, a salesgirl, a dancer, a model and a lifeguard. I have a lot of hobbies too,” says Terre, pronounced Terry. “I like to dance, sing folk songs, play the guitar and read when I’m not playing tennis, chess or water skiing.” With musical talent, a charming personality and a busty figure to boot, Terre traveled to Beverly Hills and Las Vegas before settling down in Chicago where she sought after fame and fortune. “I think I have a good voice—in fact, I'm proud of it. My guitar playing has a long way to go—but it's sufficient for now,” explains Terre who loves her new job because of its flexible schedule and celebrity clientele. “Right now, I'm a Bunny at the Playboy Club in Chicago. Someday, I may have to work steadily and if that day comes I would enjoy acting and singing.” Putting her name—and all-natural body—out there, Terre tested for Playmate of the Month and was crowned our Miss November 1963. “I’m crazy about Hugh Hefner’s house,” gushes the single beauty who hopes to meet someone special there. “I want a man who is tall, intelligent, ambitious and thoroughly in love with me. Someone with excellent manners, a sense of humor, money and ambition. I really dislike men who are sloppy, vulgar and lazy.” Playmate Terre Tucker a songbird after your heart and your mind.