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Kymberly Paige

Miss May 1987

May 01, 1987
April 06, 1966
Newport Beach California USA
5' 8"
120 lbs
“When I heard Playboy was taking me to the rodeo, I thought, ‘great, there will be cow pies and cowboys spitting tobacco,’” says Miss May 1987. “Well, that’s what I found. And it was love at first sight.” Kymberly Paige is a city-slicker without a filter—asking her what turns her on isn’t considered forward in her book—it’s just making idle conversation. “I’m turned on by tight buns!” says our Playmate of the Month, who was surprised to see how Pendleton Round-Up in Oregon had delivered her cowboys with the tightest buns. “I’m falling in love with a calf roper,” blushes the all-natural blonde as she stares at her roping instructors, which includes Brad Johnson. “I'm into athletes, and these guys are definitely athletes. Now that I know how, I might just rope myself a cowboy.” It’s safe to say she was in heaven during her photoshoot, because Miss Paige was surrounded by men who checked every box on her priority list, including having those tight buns. “I love tight buns, and when I saw Brad Johnson in his Wranglers, well, he's one of the best calf ropers in the country, and he's got real tight buns.” Being at the rodeo was a nice change of pace for tall Miss May 1987, who spends her days in Hollywood, surrounded by actors. The busty California girl has acted in several television shows like The Love Boat, Dynasty and Knight Rider —unfortunately for her, there aren’t many men with tight buns on set who rev her engine. “I don't really want to act. I want to see other places. So I'm going to travel. Then I'll come back to study special effects make-up. I want to do the scary stuff for films,” explains the Playmate, who shared screen time with Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop II. “Acting and actors don't turn me on.” While actors may not be her cup of tea, Miss Paige may now have to move to the South and find herself a nice cowboy who possesses her favorite body parts. “Put me in a room with a man with tight buns, add a fireplace with the fire going, the shutters on the window blowing in the wind, a warm bed and a Luther Vandross record on the stereo—that’s the Kym Paige recipe for good love,” explains the Playmate. That is one recipe we’d love to try.