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Denise McConnell

Miss March 1979

March 01, 1979
December 23, 1958
Wiesbaden Germany USA
5' 3"
104 lbs
Oklahoma, a quiet state located in the Bible Belt, was the perfect place for our Miss March 1979 to live as a grown woman coming into her own. Denise McConnell was born in Wiesbaden, Germany to a father in the U.S. Air Force and a mother of Puerto Rican descent. Norman, Oklahoma, however, was a far cry from central western Germany. “I like that about Oklahoma; you can always find a place that's quiet,” explains the petite brunette. “In a large city, with all the noise, I can't get to sleep at night.” Even though our all-natural Playmate prefers quiet small towns compared to big, boisterous cities, that doesn’t mean she’s a boring, plain-Jane. Along with being our busty Playmate of the Month, she earns a living as a licensed private investigator. “It's a real advantage being a female in this business,” proudly states Denise who specializes in missing persons, divorce and child custody cases. “If I want to talk to someone, especially a man, it's not hard to get his attention.” Who would refuse the opportunity to speak to a beauty like Denise? Her looks, her adventurous spirit and her ruthless ambition were being wasted working as a secretary at a private-eye office—she wanted to get out there. Her boss took a chance on her, a decision that not only forever changed our soft-spoken Playmate’s life, but it also changed the business’s structure when she was made partner. “The people are different, but each case is pretty much the same; you follow somebody, you dig up information, you question people,” explains Miss McConnell. “It can get scary at times, but I don't think about that.” Becoming a partner at a private investigation firm is a career choice she never believed was obtainable, but with the good comes the bad. Denise’s consistent work with people whose relationships have been obliterated for a variety of reasons including infidelity, has negatively affected her love life. “I’m loyal, real loyal to my boyfriend. I look around, sure, but I couldn’t cope with infidelity. There would be too much guilt built up inside me,” explains our Miss March 1979. “Also, if someone approaches me the wrong way, I immediately dislike him. I want to be respected, not toyed with simply because I’m pretty.” Denise is a gorgeous woman who may be shy and timid, but one thing she refuses to accept is being underestimated. “People think just because I’m soft-spoken that I don’t have a temper. I do keep things bottled inside me, but when I blow, I really blow,” she says very sternly. Denise McConnell is a private eye, our Miss March 1979 and, above all else, she’s a woman with the quiet strength of a crouching tiger.