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Jennifer Rovero

Miss July 1999

July 01, 1999
December 12, 1978
Austin Texas USA
5' 8"
120 lbs
Jennifer Rovero is a hot commodity. Originally from Texas, the slender brunette had moved to Jacksonville, Florida, where she was a bikini model for Hawaiian Tropic. Ever adventurous, she wasn’t content to sit still, and her heart was set on Playboy. “I like a fast-paced life,” she says. “At a Hawaiian Tropic contest, I went up to the Playboy people and told them they ought to shoot in Venezuela, because it’s beautiful.” (For the record, Rovero’s father is a Venezuelan citizen.) “Arny Freytag, the photographer, said ‘Why don’t we shoot you there?’ At first, I didn’t take it seriously, but then I got serious about it!” That was a big year for Jennifer – first, she appeared in the Centerfold as our Miss July 1999, and three months later, on the cover of the October issue. “I’m just an average girl from Jacksonville who got lucky,” she says. Her roommate, PMOY Stacy Sanches, reminds her that she’s a Playmate and deserves the attention. “Growing up, I always liked attention,” admits Jennifer. “Actually, my ambition is to write short stories. I have a lot of material in my head, and deep passion comes out in my writing.” Most recently, Jennifer can be found on the other side of the camera – as a photographer, she lets those creative juices flow, getting into the real nitty-gritty of life in Los Angeles. “My fear was not being able to make something out of all my creativity,” she says. “My words to live by: Clear your head and live.”