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Coed Girls

Sloan Swallow

February 22, 2007
January 01, 1986
Duncanville TX USA
5' 6"
120 lbs
All-natural Sloan Swallow believes the best parts of life are the small things that most people take for granted. “Laughing is my favorite thing. The best is when you laugh so hard you cry or pee in your pants!” says the blue-eyed brunette. “Since I eat so much, it's mandatory that I hit the gym, which I enjoy. Also, there's nothing better than watching football and downing ice cold beers on a Sunday afternoon.” Speaking of football, our Coed of the Month for April 2007 is a huge sports fan and calls the Cowboys her dream team. Sports played such a prevalent role in Miss Swallow’s life that even though becoming a female sportscaster may seem like a daunting task, she is more than ready for the challenge. “What guy wouldn't want to watch sports and see a hot girl giving it to them?” asks the mass communications major at Texas Tech University. Sounds like every sports’ fan dream.