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Kristine Winder

Miss October 1977

October 01, 1977
October 15, 1955
Vancouver British Columbia Canada
5' 6"
119 lbs
Kristine Winder is a gorgeous blonde from Vancouver, Canada who spent every single day of her youth dancing. “When I was an adolescent, dance was like a mystical cure-all for me,” says Kristine of her physical therapy. “Whenever I was angry or frustrated, I wouldn’t talk to anybody, because I felt I couldn’t communicate with anyone. The only way I could lose myself was to dance until whatever was bothering me was all out.” What exactly was bothering our Miss October 1977? For one, Kristine developed the all-natural, voluptuous figure we see today on the glossy pages of Playboy relatively overnight. Not only was her new body completely foreign to her, the amount of attention that came along with it was too much for the dancer to bear. “I've never dressed to show off my body or worn seductive bathing suits or that sort of thing. It's probably due to the sudden transition I made from being a skinny, shapeless tomboy when I was 15 to filling out with, well, what every woman should have,” defensively explains Kristine. “In fact, there was a time when I became too aware of my body. When I would walk along a street, if I saw a man looking at me, I'd slow down to make sure nothing was bouncing and look down to see if anything was showing.” From conservative dancer to becoming our Playmate of the Month, the irony wasn’t lost on Kristine. However, now that she’s given up on becoming a professional dancer, our Miss October 1977 says she’s up for trying new things –new things that don’t compromise her morals, of course. “Vancouver is not the greatest city for the arts. There was nothing to do there, but old-time musicals. I'd go to these tryouts where four or five people looked you over, some piano player would plunk out a tune all out of time and in the wrong key and you would have to sing and dance,” explains a frustrated Miss Winder. “Then, if you got a part and you were young like I was, a lot of times they wouldn't pay you. You were supposed to be happy to get the experience. There were a lot of people who would take advantage of young girls that way. I just didn't have the taste for it. But, I don't regret it. I have myself, and I know myself, and that's what matters.” Working as a receptionist who spends her downtime studying photography and macramé, Kristine doesn’t want anyone to pity her for not becoming a professional dancer. Even though she has to sit at a desk all day—a stark contrast from dancing five hours every day for 17 years—Kristine says she keeps active by engaging in passionate sex. “Making love can be passion and affection at the same time or either one separately. Occasionally, it’s just passion,” says the all-natural blonde. “But, when it’s primarily affection, though I may not feel like I feel when it’s all passion, I can be completely fulfilled, because there is love.” Kristine Winder is loved by Playboy fans everywhere, so much so, that families in Vancouver with the same last name as her have been receiving very intimate phone calls from fans looking for their Canadian sweetheart.