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Lorna Hopper

Miss April 1969

April 01, 1969
August 31, 1950
Houston Texas USA
5' 4"
105 lbs
Lorna Hopper is an earthly angel with big, blue eyes and golden-blonde hair, except this angel has no problem getting her hands dirty and roughing it in the wilderness. The all-natural beauty from Houston, TX has lived in many cities around the world, but whenever she’s able to go back to her hometown, she and her siblings love to go camping. “I love to model and have fun,” says Lorna who recently began a sensual clothing line with her sister. “My sister Pat helps with the designing, but I do all of the sewing. In ancient times, the purpose of clothes wasn't to hide nudity, but to decorate the body and we should never allow ourselves to forget that.” From clothing her body with her latest creations to stripping down as our centerfold, Lorna will do anything to make her dreams come true. “I know that New York is still where most of the modeling action is, but that's changing quickly. Everything's moving West, and because the shift is still new and exciting, I think L.A. is the place to be in America right now,” explains our Playmate of the Month who now lives in California. “I loved the land. Texas is still so vast, so uncrowded and so . . . well, clean, in comparison with everywhere else I've been in this country. But, it's also very rural and totally square in outlook; and when my dad got a job in England for two years, I was glad to leave.” Just as she was about to enter her teenage years, Lorna and her family packed up and left Fort Worth, TX for Manchester, England. The change of scenery made her homesick at times, even though our Playmate of the Month thoroughly loved the British way of life. “I lived in Manchester, England, from age 13 to 15,” she says. “It's mostly a soot-filled, industrial city, but the people there surprised me with their open, easygoing, honest attitude about life. Nothing seems to upset them very much and they don't appear to be as hung up on success as we are. Most Englishmen I met seemed at peace with themselves, and I admire that a lot.” Our Miss April 1969 adds she knows exactly what she wants her future husband to look and sound like—a British accent is mandatory. “When I got to Los Angeles, it took me less than a month to stop moaning about leaving Manchester,” she recalls. “My ideal man is skinny with long hair and dark complexion. He cannot bite his nails—that’s a turnoff. Every girl wants to have a man who knows how to make her feel like a woman. I admire men like Frank Sinatra.” English gents, Lorna Hopper is looking for love so hop to the Hopper and make our Playmate’s dreams come true.