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Justine Greiner

Miss February 1984

February 01, 1984
November 19, 1963
Boston Massachusetts USA
5' 9"
120 lbs
Justine Greiner has been blessed with an all-natural D-cup chest and a tall frame perfect for a model, but she doesn’t think she’s as impressive as we do. “I don’t think I’m super attractive,” confesses Justine. “I’ve always had the impression men are attracted to prettier girls than me. In terms of looks, I don’t think you could say I’m a ten. Maybe an eight.” Our Playboy fans couldn’t disagree more because in their eyes, she’s a hard ten. Justine admits that due to the attention she’s been receiving since becoming our Miss February 1984, her perception of herself has changed—she finally sees what we do. “Being a Playmate has made me more aware that I can be sexy. I think every woman should pose nude—a lot of women go their whole lives without having nude pictures taken. You can really look at yourself. It’s an interesting experience. I’ve gotten to know my body better,” admits the voluptuous model with the dark chestnut brown hair. “If you don't know yourself, you can't really do what will make you happy. I think I know myself pretty well, but there's definitely much for me to learn. I'm still learning, you know. There are a lot of people who don't even care about knowing themselves.” Justine was once a just girl from Boston who moved to California for the sunshine, beach and modeling opportunities. Even though, she has success and accolades now, the hopeless romantic will never feel complete without a partner by her side. “If I need to be very independent, I can be. But, I’m insecure enough to be lonely without someone to care for me. It’s nice having a man for companionship,” says our love sick Miss February 1984. “I really enjoy being by myself, but I need the stability of knowing that someone cares about me. I think I fall into the category of the kind of person who likes to be in love. Is that stupid?” Not at all—we can’t even help, but fall in love with sweet Justine.