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Cathy St. George

Miss August 1982

August 01, 1982
August 23, 1954
Norfolk Virginia USA
5' 4"
102 lbs
Cathy St. George isn’t like most Playboy Playmates—she’s a centerfold and the makeup artist who gets our centerfolds camera-ready. Having worked for cosmetic brands like Estée Lauder and Max Factor, the all-natural blonde had the knowledge in makeup needed to make our Playmates look effortlessly stunning on camera and she had the respect for her craft needed to put the models at ease in her chair. “It's a different sort of make-up from what I did before. I used to work more with color; it was closer to high fashion. Playboy wants a girl to look natural, pretty much as she does in real life,” explains the petite model from Norfolk, Virginia. “People tell me they feel as if I'm painting them like a canvas when I do their makeup—which is, in fact, the way I work.” After several years of working on Playmates, it was time for Cathy to shine as our busty Miss August 1982 and she was ready for opportunity. “I find that photographers are asking me, ‘Well, Cathy, what do you think of this?’ They're asking my opinion, which is a good feeling, because then you know you're good at your job,” says Miss St. George. “I get paid for doing my own makeup and I get paid for the modeling job. I charge for both, because they’d have to hire a makeup artist, anyway.” Playboy fans adore our Playmate of the Month and she showers them with love right back, but Cathy admits she never thought she was good enough to be a model, let alone become a Playmate. “I never felt I was pretty. I always worked on my personality, because I thought that was the only thing that would get me anywhere,” explains Cathy, who appeared in the television show CHiPs. “The fact that I can face going on a modeling call knowing that I may not get the job is quite a step for me. I couldn’t even try out for cheerleading in high school; I couldn’t run the risk of rejection.” Worrying about rejection is a thing of the past when you’re our Miss August 1982 like Cathy St. George.