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Linda Moon

Miss October 1966

October 30, 1966
September 24, 1948
Michigan Michigan USA
5' 5"
125 lbs
Our busty Miss October 1966 is a blonde bombshell from Michigan with time on her side. Linda Moon has set her sparkling blue eyes on stardom since graduating from high school, but she’s in no rush to start hustling talent agents to book her work. “Now that I'm out of high school, I suppose I should start thinking about taking a job or going to college,” says the voluptuous beauty. “But, right now I'm having too much fun sleeping late and soaking up lots of sun to concentrate on the serious side of things.” Spending her days either at the beach in California or at home enjoying quality time with her fluffy, white rabbit, our all-natural Playmate of the Month is taking time to stop and smell the roses before entering the workforce. “I’ve always loved animals. My bunny’s name is Tuffs, and he’s sort of a Playboy in his own right,” says Linda as she lays on her parents’ lawn with her rabbit. “My family moved from Michigan to California when I was six years old. I do considered myself to be a Californian though and if I want to remember what snow looks like, all I have to do is face east and take in a few mountain peaks.” Often approached by strangers on the street, Linda is always complimented on her voluptuous and beautiful features which she credits to good genes. “I have some Cherokee Indian in my background, and some French,” she explains as she swings from her brother’s gymnastic rings. “I’m just so-so as an athlete, but I can hold my own on horseback and I sew a mean sports outfit.” As our Playmate of the Month does her best to demonstrate her athletic abilities on the rings, she admits prefers exercising where she can get lost in her thoughts like hiking. “I even love going for walks in the rain,” she says as she lets go of the rings and heads to a tree perfect for climbing. “What’s next for me? I’ll let nature take its course.”