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Melba Ogle

Miss July 1964

July 30, 1964
November 13, 1942
Cheyenne WY USA
5' 2"
110 lbs
Melba Ogle, a voluptuous blonde with a Swedish name has everything a man with a pension for blondes could ever want. Her body is all-natural, her smile is alluring, she’s an adventurous beauty who loves to be outdoors and she’s our Miss July 1964. However, no one would ever believe that someone as hot as Melba could be found in a working in a freezer as a butcher. “I'm a fashion model and a meat cutter! I like to be different. A few years ago I dated a butcher, and he got me interested in the meat business,” says our Playmate of the Month as she slices through a lamb leg. “I found the thought of working in a meat shop a challenge and I answered a want ad offering a job as a counterhop, which is as menial as you can get. Much to my surprise, I got the job—and before a year had passed, I was a meat-cutter. The work, of course, is quite strenuous. That's why I'm glad to take off a few hours at lunchtime each day to do a fashion show—and wear dresses and gowns that I would never think of buying on my own.” Working as a butcher by day, a Bunny at the Los Angeles Playboy Club at night and a part-time model in between, the petite blonde from Cheyenne, Wyoming has plenty on her plate to keep her busy and that’s exactly how she likes her schedule to be. “I began modeling two years ago. Five of my seven stepsisters work in haute couture, and they're all over five feet, seven inches. I'm just a shorty at five feet, two inches, and was beginning to get that ugly duckling feeling. So I went out looking for a fashion job, mainly to soothe my own ego. Fortunately, the job I found also pays well,” says our busty Miss July 1964 who wishes her family lived closer to her. “I was born in Wyoming, and I know I’ve got the wide-open spaces in my blood. I’m an avid hiker; nothing exhilarates me so much as a good, long trek in the country—unless it’s a good, long bicycle ride. I’m also wild about boating and swimming, and, on dates, there’s nothing nicer than a romantic walk in the moonlight.” With no boyfriend in sight, Melba is on the prowl for an outdoorsy man who’s tall with salt and pepper hair. “I have a weakness for the strong, silent type. I dislike me who smoke cigars and are overconfident,” explains our sexy Playmate of the Month. “I get along best with people who like me not for my face or my figure, but for myself. And this is how I try to base my appreciation of others. Being attractive has helped me appreciate other people more. I’ve found that many people never look beyond my face or figure, and when you think about it, this really isn’t very flattering. I try to avoid this kind of surface judgment—and in doing so I’ve learned that every person is attractive in some way.” No matter how she looks, Playmate Melba Ogle will always be attractive to us, inside and out.