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Coed Girls

Lissette Marie

September 18, 2012
April 26, 1988
Coachella CA United States
5' 2"
98 lbs
Coed Lissette Marie comes to you from sunny Palm Springs, California. She’s Mexican, with dark brown hair and eyes, and large breasts for her small frame. “I’m originally from Kings County, and I moved to the Coachella Valley fourteen years ago when my father died,” explains Lisette. “I’m the oldest of four, and the only girl. I think that helping my mom and brothers deal with the loss of my father made me a strong and independent woman.” Lissette works days as a real estate agent, and she works nights as a single girl in Palm Springs. “There are so many great restaurants,” she says. “I love fine dining, and Monday and Thursday nights I dress up and go for dinner and a glass of wine with the girls.” But, like a variable interest rate on a mortgage, appearances can be deceiving. “I look girly on the outside, but I’m a boy on the inside,” she admits. “I love sports, cars, beer and buffalo wings.” You wouldn’t know it, but Lissette is a first-time model. “Being single has opened a lot of doors for me – for example, Playboy,” she says. “I don’t have any experience, but I figure if I pose for Playboy, nothing is impossible. It’s given me so much confidence – I feel so much sexier!” Guys may be intimidated by her confidence, but that won’t stop Lisette. “I can get up and go as I please,” she says. “I don’t want to be committed to one person. I’m committed to my independence.”