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Marina Baker

Miss March 1987

March 01, 1987
December 08, 1967
Windsor Berkshire England
5' 7"
As a youngster in Windsor, British lass Marina Baker lived as a traveler with her hippie parents. Moving around from the woods of rural Norfolk to the Midlands with her Wiccan-practicing mother, dark-haired Marina never experienced a dull moment. “My greatest friend is my mother, Margaret,” admits Miss Baker, in her English accent. “She’s a poet and she used to be a schoolteacher. Now, she and I go riding together every Sunday morning.” With mother’s encouragement, Marina put her nomadic upbringing to good use as she spend a few years traveling Greece, France, Italy and Switzerland as a teenager. Her trip ended in jolly old London town, where Marina’s all-natural F-cup chest became immortalized when she posed for Page 3. “I suppose I'm a Yuppie. The few Yuppies here are thriving more than most Sloane Rangers, meaning certain upper-class types who live near Sloane Square, a posh area of London,” explains Miss March 1987. “I'm not a Sloane, but I'm invited to Sloane dinner parties. You know, ‘Marina's an actress—she's so amusing.’ But, I don't often entertain the Sloane’s anymore since I've been in Forever Elvis.” From playing Priscilla Beaulieu Presley in the musical to writing children’s books on Wicca, Maria has enjoyed her time in the limelight, but always felt she needed to do more with her career. “I've done things before that have been very camp, very feminine. I want my solo show to be hard-hitting. Maybe it'll be political— though I don't particularly want to be labeled as political,” says Miss Baker. Speaking of politics, after working as a goat farmer for a little while, the Playmate went back to school and earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a master’s degree in dramatic writing. Wanting to make a difference in the world was a calling that Marina could no longer ignore, especially after becoming inspired during a visit to the United States. “It’s a nation of friendly people with a strong will to succeed,” says Miss March 1987, who went on to become mayor of Telscomb in Sussex and a very vocal activist. “But, I couldn’t find a decent cup of tea.” Sorry about the tea, Marina.