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Cynthia Myers

Miss December 1968

December 31, 1968
September 12, 1950
Toledo Ohio USA
5' 3"
119 lbs
For as long as Cynthia Myers could remember, she’s been approached by people who firmly believe she should pose for Playboy, especially when she’s out for a day at the beach. The problem was even though Cynthia had the voluptuous figure of a woman with her all-natural 39DD-24-36 measurements, she wasn’t old enough to model—yet. “I've known since I was 15 that I'd be a Playmate. It's almost as if this had been fated to happen,” says the petite brunette from Toldeo, Ohio. “I’d really like a career with Playboy.” As Cynthia waited for her 18th birthday to roll around, the buxom beauty busied herself horseback riding, working as a theater usher and reading people. “A junior high school friend of mine in Toledo was a nut on palmistry, astrology and even reading tea leaves and crystal balls. Like most people, I thought it was just a bunch of baloney,” she recalls. “But, when I began reading about prophets like Edgar Cayce, I began to realize that there are strange spiritual forces in the world undreamed of even in The Playboy Philosophy. Now, in my spare time, I train horses and tell fortunes.” The day finally came, her 18th birthday, and there was no need to read tea leaves to know how Cynthia planned on celebrating the momentous occasion. She was headed to Chicago to see a man in a robe about becoming a Playmate. “I was so impressed by the people I met when I visited the Playboy Mansion,” recalls the buxom brunette. “That I wanted more than ever to be a Playmate.” As she waited to hear the news of whether or not her test shots were enough to make her our Playmate of the Month, Cynthia headed to Florida where she would cool her nervous at the beach. Looking like a voluptuous goddess as she walked out of the water, a photographer asked if he could take her photo. The next morning, she grabbed the Miami Herald newspaper and saw that photo was plastered on the front page along with her measurements when she got the call. “Those two weeks in Florida, waiting to find out if I'd been accepted by Playboy, were the longest in my life,” says our Miss December 1968. “Excited isn't the word for how I felt—and still feel. Now, I hope to do promotion and modeling for the magazine for at least two years. By then, having traveled around the country meeting people on behalf of the magazine, I should be socially and mentally ready for almost any career I choose.” Her centerfold was wildly popular—especially with American troops over in Vietnam during the war—making her number ten on Playboy’s Playmate of the Century list. Letters from American soldiers overseas flooded Cynthia’s Playboy Mansion apartment so much so, they had to be placed in storage units until she read each one. Not only did she read every letter from the troops, but she would take the time to personally write back to each solider who took the time to write to her. “My weak spot is sometimes I’m too kind to people,” admits our Playmate. Cynthia Myers is truly America’s Playmate.