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Fran Gerard

Miss March 1967

March 30, 1967
March 23, 1948
Staten Island NY USA
5' 2"
110 lbs
Posing for Playboy and becoming our Miss March 1967 was written in the stars for Fran Gerard –and she should know since she’s astrologer Jack Gemini’s assistant in Southern California. “I like to think the stars are right about me,” says the busty beauty as she motions towards a mystic chart. “It tells me here, for instance. ‘Much of your beauty is centered in your natural poise, in the way you hold your head, sometimes tossing it high in defiance, at other times bringing your piercing gaze to bear on the speaker. You are a natural-born leader, work well with other people and always know how to achieve group ends.’ I hope I don't sound too immodest if I say I think it's true.” No need for modesty because the stars were aligned for Fran—she’s a petite, brown-eyed stunner with a natural DD-cup chest, how could she not be made our Playmate of the Month? “As an Aries, I’m under the planet Mars which means I have a great deal of natural courage, a love of pioneering, testing, experimenting, and investigating,” explains the sexy, astrological assistant. “I guess that's why I've always liked science. We're forever searching the cosmos for new meanings.” Her search for meaning in becoming our Miss March 1967 came in the form of glasses—eyeglasses—a first for a Playboy centerfold to wear during her shoot. “I’ve always heard men don’t like girls who wear glasses, but I actually don’t believe it’s true,” she says. “Most men I know don’t seem to care. Even if they did, though, I’m just not a person who would rather be blind as a bat than be seen with glasses on. It just isn’t worth it just have to go through life looking like a schoolmarm.” Looking every bit like our schoolyard crush with her glasses and toned figure, Fran keeps her natural body in tiptop shape by playing sports. “I think you have to keep fit. I love to swim and ski,” says the voluptuous model originally from Staten Island, NY. “I think I had tried everything, but skiing when the man at the Viking Ski Shop offered to teach me to ski. Well, everything, but football and boxing maybe. Anyways, it turned out to be a lot of fun.” The only downside to her ‘slope’ experience was that the ‘slope’ was missing. “The ‘slope’ turned out to be a big piece of canvas,” she adds. “I’m really looking forward to trying the real thing. It must be an incredibly thrilling feeling to sweep down a snowy mountainside, air whistling in your ears: You must feel like the wind. And later, at night, it must be wonderful to be that close to the stars.” Reach for the stars with Fran Gerard, our beautiful Miss March 1967.