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Sandra Settani

Miss April 1963

April 29, 1963
February 18, 1938
Wisconsin USA
5' 8"
137 lbs
Playmate Sandra Settani is a happy-go-lucky psychology major at Southern Illinois University who loves to read, swim and go out on romantic dates. “My idea of the ideal date is a long and leisurely dinner in a Polynesian restaurant, followed by a quiet get-together with either his friends or mine, followed by a late visit to a small, romantic night spot where there's good music and dancing and talk,” explains the tall brunette from Wisconsin. “I just try to be tactful with men, and hope that they respect me for being courteous to them. As to men in general, my favorites are all well read, well-mannered, impeccably dressed, tactful, attractive but unassuming, self-made types, and -- most important -- fun to be with. I dislike men who are overly aggressive, milksops who are crude.” Above all else, he needs to be able to support the naturally, busty beauty in all of her endeavors including in becoming our Miss April 1963. “I love being a Playmate because it’s the highest compliment to be thought attractive enough to appear in Playboy. It's certainly a boost to my ego!” giggles our green-eyed Playmate of the Month. “I have so many other goals I’d like to accomplish. Someday I'd like to finish college -- maybe in Europe -- and then travel like those lucky girls in the steamship ads, going to every exotic place there is. After that, I'd like to settle in Hawaii and live in a bikini and muumuu. I just let events come as they may, with the only goal in mind of having a good time.” With Tibet, Morocco and Russia on her short list of places she’d love to visit, Playmate Sandra Settani and her luggage packed with clothing and historical novels are ready to go wherever the wind takes them—lucky for us, their first stop was onto the pages of Playboy.