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Pamela Zinszer

Miss March 1974

March 01, 1974
September 06, 1955
Kansas USA
5' 3"
112 lbs
Try to keep up with petite Pamela Zinszer from Kansas who is known for her all-natural beauty and her cryptic motor-mouth. The busty brunette with the big, blue eyes can talk a mile a minute when she wants to, however, when Pamela finds herself feeling a little shy, getting her to answer a question in a complete sentence isn’t easy. While on set for her centerfold photoshoot, Pamela showcased just how natural she can be in front of photographer Mario Casilli’s camera. When the camera was put away and it was time for her interview, the easily-sidetracked model wasn’t as comfortable at first. “They call me ‘Star,’” stated our Miss March 1974 without adding why that is or who calls her as such. After some probing, she finally added, “Oh, I acted a lot in high school. Mostly in trying to stay out of trouble.” What trouble did teenage Pamela get herself into to need acting as a distraction? We’ll never know because she quickly moved on to another topic: acting. “I’d like to act in movies. I already know quite a few people in the industry,” says the petite brunette. “I get offers all the time.” Pamela lost sight of the interview and began to talk about how she just graduated from high school and has been working in Los Angeles at boutique she calls ‘weird.’ “The guy who owned it came into a lot of money, see, but he didn't know the first thing about opening a business. When I started, everybody called the place Body and Soul. But, the owner didn't like that. So, he changed the name to Thee Boutique. I mean, how can anybody remember you if you keep on changing your name? People have a hard time remembering me just because of the clothes I wear,” rambles our busty Miss March 1974 who is unforgettable to Playboy fans. “I say that because every day I look different. I can get up one morning and say, ‘Today I'll be a vamp,’ and I'll put on platform shoes, a long glittery dress and a pink boa. Then, I can wake up the next day and all I'll want to wear are jeans and a T-shirt.” We’ll never know where exactly our mysterious Miss March 1974 was offered movie roles, but what we do know is they weren’t films a classy woman like her would be interested in partaking in. “Even though I never lived through it,” says Pamela who calls Gone with the Wind her favorite movie, “I’m nostalgic for the golden age of Hollywood. I practically idolize Marilyn Monroe and like to dress and wear my hair like she did. I know she led a tragic life, but I’m fascinated by it anyway.” Like Marilyn, Pamela Zinszer is a naturally beautiful Playmate wrapped up in mystery.