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Kathy MacDonald

Miss March 1969

March 01, 1969
December 07, 1946
New Jersey USA
5' 4"
120 lbs
When Kathy MacDonald, her family and three dogs moved from New Jersey to a quiet suburb in Baltimore, she was excited by the prospect of attending the University of Maryland. However, after attending several classes, the voluptuous blonde felt she needed to learn more about the world and earn an education that cannot come from a classroom. “After I left the University of Maryland, where I had been studying nursing, I decided to become a stewardess,” explains Kathy. While discussing her future as a flight attendant with mother, Mom pointed out an employment ad that would alter her life. “The day before my airline interview in Baltimore, Mom saw an ad saying the Baltimore Playboy Club needed Bunnies. ‘Why don't you go and see what it's like?’ she asked me—jokingly, I thought,” recalls Kathy who went on to become a Bunny. “Of course, I never got to the airline interview at all. The Club personnel liked me—and I loved the Club—right away.” Working at the Baltimore Club was a joy for Kathy, even though she earned herself a reputation as the forgetful Bunny. “Losing an eyelash, and then being told that I was due in the Living Room ten minutes ago,” laughs our Bunny-turned-Playmate. “It’s just about par for the course.” No matter how easily she could forget to bring her eyelashes or cottontail to work, she could never forget her passion to travel so she promptly asked her Bunny Mother if there were any openings at the Club in Montreal, Canada. “I thought I'd just spend a winter up here, learning how to ski, but Montreal's charm is magnetic,” says the all-natural beauty. “I found an ancient, tiny apartment with stained-glass windows and huge, real beams in the ceiling.” Walking around Montreal’s Old Port district, a slice of Europe in North America, our Miss March 1969 knew she had made the right choice in exploring her options. “It's just the way I am,” says our nonconforming Playmate of the Month as she orders a bottle of Beaujolais wine in broken French. “If I had more time, I’d learn to speak French more fluently and take acting lessons.” While she’s enjoying her time working in Montreal, Kathy often thinks of her family back home in Baltimore and flies down to visit them during her weekends off. “My ambitions are to model and act,” says our Miss March 1969. “But, I’d also like a good husband and children—but not for years.” Kathy won’t have any problem finding a husband—she’s a beautiful blonde who happens to be our Playmate of the Month. However, the humble model was quick to admit she does have a flaw she assumes will put off some men. “My weak spot is my Irish temper,” she confesses. We’re not worried—men will love Kathy MacDonald, temper and all.