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The van Breeschooten Twins

Miss September 1989

September 01, 1989
November 15, 1970
Rotterdam Holland
5' 5"
104 lbs
Move over tulips, windmills and Heineken beer—Holland is now best known for the van Breeschooten twins. Sisters Karin and Mirjam van Breeschooten are from Rotterdam, Holland, and since they are identical, blonde-haired twins, telling them apart seems nearly impossible. “Our characters are really quite similar but never at the same time,” admits Karin, the youngest by eight minutes. “A few years ago, I was the wildest one in the house, and now Mirjam is.” Wild or not, Mirjam has always been the less confident twin of the pair. When Karin approached her sister and asked her to pose with her for the Dutch edition of Playboy, Mirjam froze. Oddly enough, the gorgeous twin never considered herself to be model material. She always felt she would be better suited as a nurse, and that fun-loving Karin would be better as a model. Thankfully, Karin didn’t take no for an answer, and proved to Mirjam that she wasn’t lacking beauty—rather, she was lacking self-esteem. “One day she was nagging that I was much more beautiful than she was. I dragged her to a mirror and made her look,” says Karin, rolling her eyes as she remembers how silly her sister was being that day. Mirjam, laughing and revealing her dimples, recalls sarcastically telling her sister, “Oh, for sure, that's the girl who will be in Playboy.” Not only was Mirjam wrong about not being ‘good’ enough to pose for Playboy, but readers went wild for both girls. The all-natural van Breeschooten twins were named dual Playmates of the Month for September 1989, and theirs was the first and only double-wide Centerfold to date. Karin and Mirjam loved coming to America to pose for the magazine, though they found our culture a little puritanical—Karin helpfully explained how American Playmates differed from their European counterparts. “When we first looked at a copy of the American Playboy, we laughed at the tan marks on the girls’ breasts,” she says. “Even in privacy, they put their tops on?” Free-spirited Karin has since moved to Germany, while Mirjam remains in the Netherlands, but the girls remain close, crediting their near-psychic twin bond. “We don’t really care about what people think of our posing nude,” says Karin. “If you are walking down the nude beach on a sunny day, they are also looking at you, so what is the difference?” It’s not every day you see identical twins who happen to be Playmates—go ahead, look as long and hard as you like.