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Kayla Bridges

December 26, 2011
May 28, 1992
Atlanta GA USA
5' 4"
114 lbs
Rachel Spence had us feeling utterly suspenseful when we met her for the first time. Rachel attended a casting call in her home state of Colorado, and we knew we had to have her pose for us. The minute the brown-haired, blue-eyed beauty turned around to show us her booty, we knew she was very serious about having a Playboy career. Miss Spence displayed for us her Playboy bunny tattoo, which sits proudly on her left butt cheek. Rachel admitted she enjoys being full of surprises, especially when she’s out on a date. “I like to wear lingerie. Anything classy and lacy underneath a mini dress with heels makes me feel sexy,” says our Cybergirl of the Week for January 16, 2012. “You know it’s under there and you know it looks damn good, although no one can see it—until later.” Once you’ve secured a date with Rachel and would like to know what do exactly to experience what she has in mind for dessert, go for her stomach. “My stomach is my favorite place to be kissed because I can watch while I’m getting kissed,” says Miss Spence. Men, you may want to shave before you go for her sweet spot.