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Shelby Nicole

May 13, 2012
December 02, 1992
Orange County California USA
5' 2"
110 lbs
Say hello to Cybergirl Shelby Nicole. She’s small – little more than five feet and a hundred pounds – with blonde hair, blue eyes and natural breasts. She was featured as a Coed in May and July 2012, and we liked her so much that we made her a Cybergirl in November. “I was born in Redwood City, California, near San Francisco,” she says. “When I was about seven we moved to Orange County. Moving from northern to southern California made a big impression on me – I’m more open to trying new things, like posing for Playboy.” By day works as a receptionist in a medical marijuana dispensary – yes, she’s an advocate for legalization – and by night she likes to hang out with her friends and go to the movies or the mall. She loves junk food – “I put ranch on everything I eat,” she admits – but she likes health food, too, and will trade a bag of chips for a banana. She’s single, but she’s open to a relationship with the right guy. “He has to be taller than me, and not too built,” she says. “And he has to be a gentleman – open my door and pay for dinner. I’m a romantic at heart.” Shelby had never posed nude before Playboy, but what she lacks in experience she makes up for in charm. “My dad left a few Playboys scattered around the house, and I used to look at them. The women were so beautiful, and as I got older and interested in modeling, I thought that Playboy would be a great start to my career.” And what a great start it is.