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Coed Girls

Adrienne Rose

August 01, 2004
January 01, 1981
Ann Arbor MI USA
Adrienne Rose is a fiery redhead with a passion for everything Japanese. “I love the food—spicy tuna sushi rolls are my favorite,” says the all-natural Texan. “I love anime, too. I've seen dozens of films.” The biomedical engineering major from the University of Michigan may not possess many superpowers like those of her Japanese anime heroes, but she does have the ability to fly. “I have my skydiving license and I've jumped 45 times,” says our Coed of the Month for August 2004. “At first, you think, ‘why am I doing this? This is insane!’ But, it's a beautiful thing to be up there with the sunset.” We prefer to watch Miss Rose with our feet firmly landed on the ground.