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Sydney Barlette

January 23, 2012
February 15, 1989
Houston TX USA
5' 5"
110 lbs
Sydney Barlette is a sweet Texan who’s making a big splash with Playboy fans. The blonde-haired, green eyed beauty from Houston was first our Coed of the Week followed by being our Coed of the Month. Playboy fans couldn’t get enough of Miss Barlette, so they dubbed her the chosen one and made her Cybergirl of the Week for January 23, 2012. The busty model is in love with the attention she’s been receiving from fans and she wants them to know they’ll be seeing a lot more of her. “I am currently about to start filming my first movie, so I hope to continue with my acting career,” says Sydney. Miss Barlette is a talented model and actress, but the ever-prepared blonde knows it would be wise to have a Plan C just in case. “I’m also a certified trainer and would like to open my own gym or start my own fitness line,” says Sydney. “Plus, I love a man with nice arms.” We foresee her having a predominantly male clientele. Whip those guys into shape, Sydney.