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Heather Ryan

Miss July 1967

July 30, 1967
March 18, 1947
Newport Kentucky USA
5' 6"
116 lbs
Coming to Playboy from Newport, Kentucky is Heather Ryan, a honey-blonde who worked at an insurance company before posing for her centerfold. “I want to be a legal secretary or model, or perhaps I'll enter a biological institute and become a laboratory assistant and transcriber. But, I'm really too emotional to be a lawyer,” admits the business administration major. “If I were a divorce-court lawyer, I'd always side with the men.” Heather is pure of heart and full of spirit, especially when she’s speeding down to Sacramento in her 1966 Mustang where after playing the good girl for her grandparents, she usually sneaks off to take part in local motorcycle races. “I've logged a few miles myself, but the big bikes are just too much for me to control,” explains our all-natural Playmate of the Month who loves to spend time with a good book after a race. “I am fascinated by adventure. I suppose it pervades most of my tastes. I like actors like Paul Newman, Charlton Heston and Steve McQueen, because they usually portray men who are as untamed as my ocelot.” Owning an ocelot may seem strange especially in Heather’s Glendale neighborhood, but the Glendale College student simply cannot imagine life without her large cat. “I don’t think there’s anything unusual about owning an ocelot, but people always stare when we go walking together,” says the animal lover who also owns a pair of Doberman pinschers. “It's pretty desolate out here where I live, but we're lucky that we have no close neighbors, because the ocelot often screams at night. I have a passion for anything that's wild.” Speaking of wild, our Miss July 1967 is currently single, but she hopes to find herself a man who can love her and her furry brood. “My perfect man would be someone like Lawrence of Arabia—without the hang-ups. He cannot have long hair, though. That’s one of my turnoffs,” says Heather who already has a list of activities she’d love to do with her date. “I love to hunt quail or rabbit, do skin-diving, fish and watch sports car races.” We doubt she’ll be single for much longer.