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Alexandra Hay

January 01, 2000
July 24, 1947
Los Angeles California USA
5' 4"
123 lbs
Miss Hay provides a delightful reminder of the days when Hollywood had glamour. In her starring role in How to Seduce a Woman, actress Alexandra Hay plays the sexy proprietor of an art gallery, a part that she explains was a natural for her. “I’ve always been an art lover,” she says, “although my tastes in art might well be considered conservative. My favorites are Monet and Dürer.” The cultivated Miss Hay’s tastes extend to other areas as well—notably, classical music (she plays piano) and opera. “I’m quite an opera singer myself,” she claims facetiously. “I can sing the arias from La Bohème and Carmen—quite rottenly, in fact.” Alexandra’s first feature-length film was Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, in which she played a carhop. The movies have been good to her, yet deep down Alexandra misses the glamour of the old Hollywood. In a bit of pictorial wish fulfillment, photographer Mario Casilli has captured the rising star as she might have looked during Hollywood’s golden age.