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Coed Girls

Nicole Dawn

January 03, 2009
December 25, 1989
Seaford DE United States
5' 2"
109 lbs
Communication is an important factor in every relationship—and no one knows that more than Nicole Dawn. The communication studies major wants more couples to express how they feel about each other and what they truly want in bed. “I pride myself on being able to express exactly what I want and how I want it,” says the petite brunette from Seaford, DE. We met voluptuous Nicole at a Philadelphia casting call in 2008. The West Virginia University coed told us how even though she’s expressive with her wants and needs, the fellas on campus are much more turned on by another skill of hers. “Others prefer the fact that I can chug a whole beer in less than five seconds,” giggles our Coed of the Week for April 16, 2009. “Recently I went out with my best friend and we got a little wild. We dominated the dance floor and at one point I ended up giving her a lap dance. Oops!” We’re sure the guys on campus love the results of her quick beer chugging.